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The Tech

Revolutionizing protein discovery and design by learning proteins from scratch


Utilizing our de novo approach, we have created a state-of-the-art DL platform for genome annotation and protein discovery. Our platform relies on superior pattern recognition of DL-based algorithms versus conventional sequence alignment-based methods. This represents a major paradigm shift in DNA annotation and protein discovery.


Trained on > 100 million proteins, our state-of-the-art DL protein model can be supplemented with public and customer data for any trait of interest. Utilizing transfer learning we can work with small customer data sets. The DL model learns the trait and we test billions of amino acid permutations for desired function in silico. The outcome? Improved proteins for function, faster than ever before.

De novo design

When the right fit cannot be discovered or engineered, a radically different approach is required. We are developing generative DL models to design proteins from scratch. Our vision is to generate novel proteins de novo for any desired function in the not-so-distant future. Universal vaccines, personalized therapeutics, healthier and more sustainable crops, cleaner fuel- it is all attainable with de novo design. We see no limit other than our imagination.

The Team

Founded by genomics and synthetic biology experts, we have spent decades solving complex biological problems and are passionate about creating life-changing AI solutions that will revolutionize life sciences as we know it.

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We have ongoing relationships with a number of trusted institutions across the life sciences. Let us know how we can help, we are open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations.

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